Sunday, 25 January 2009

Cinema in Commodious Comfort

Whilst it's become extraordinarily cheap to purchase or rent DVDs, going to the cinema is becoming more and more expensive - even worse now that it's getting harder to pretend that you're 14 and qualify for a child's ticket. The Everyman Cinema Club in the UK is exceptionally pricey at £12 for a film, although they definitely focus on making a trip to the movies a luxurious experience. There is no popcorn offered at this high-class establishment, but an extortionately priced bar at which you can purchase nibbles, cake or coffee. Then you can take your food in and place it on the arm-rest of your seat, which happens to be an ultra-comfortable sofa!

With the recent onslaught of films I was desperate to see, I wasn't sure how to tackle the expense of it all. But today, I was able to strike The Curious Case of Benjamin Button off from my to-see list; a free preview screening was showing at an Everyman cinema! So, I have been attempting to see those films generating awards buzz (well, most of them...) so that I can reach my own conclusion; most years I am just rooting for the one film I actually saw, which isn't a very failsafe way of ensuring success, Each one seems to have something better than the last, and this film completely took my breath away. Quite literally, in fact, since I was completely choked for most of the last half hour of the movie.

The time and tube station location may have been inconvenient and underground screw-ups may have meant that I had to navigate my way home (not my forté) in the rain. But who can turn down a great film two weeks before public release in a fabulous cinema for free???


  1. How great to see that moving, magnificent film in such a posh setting ... and for free!

  2. I loved the movie. I think it deserves every nomination.

  3. I seem to be having problems with your word verification.

  4. What was the problem Morgan?

    Aaah yes you guys get to see it earlier in the US of A! Lucky...

  5. So the movie was good? I'm not crazy about Brad Pitt, but it looks interesting and beautiful. Yay for free movies!!!

  6. I've just come home from London and ended up totally furious with the tubes! The Line that was outside our hotel (the DLR Line) was inactive so we were stranded! very annoying!
    Any hoo! that cinema sounds glorious, must check it out and also come to my own conclusion.
    Great Blog.
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxxx