Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Time and Half-Birthdays

Birthdays are often anti-climaxes. But Half-Birthdays never are. Tomorrow, this blog will have been alive for exactly 6 months - now isn't that exciting?

Time is a difficult concept to get your head around. Not just in mathematics, where the 60 seconds in a minute thing completely messes up our way of working everything out in 100s. It can feel like 6 months have flashed by in no more than a week and at the same time, something happening 6 months ago feels like it actually happened a million years ago.

Looking back at the first month of this blog, I can barely believe that half a year has almost passed since I watched the Sex and the City Movie. That's a big percentage of my life, sort of. Yet at the same time, the exams which I was meant to be revising for when I decided to write a blog seem like a lifetime away, with far more important ones looming in another 6 months. 6 months ago I had enough time to write 4 posts in one day.

Here's hoping that the next half-year will be a good'un. Happy (almost) Half-Birthday Blog!


  1. Congratulations!! Happy Half-Birth-Blog Day!!!Time really flies in the blogosphere. I know when I look at posts from 6 months ago I am amazed to see what a different place I am in.

    I send you a virtual half-bday cake and wishes for 6 more blogs of pretty face.:-D

  2. happy half-birth-blog-day! hope you have some cupcakes to celebrate! xx

  3. Congratulations on six months! I hope you get some schoolwork done in the next six months!