Friday, 30 May 2008

Intellectual Film Review

...or not.

I'm just back from watching Sex and the City with some friends, opting out of the late evening showings because we were too lazy to book tickets.

I think the main point here is that it's 2 hours 25 minutes long. That's very long. Despite this, the time went by soooo fast. Probably too young to have been caught up in the TV series hysteria, I found myself dry-eyed despite numerous 'warnings' that the film would reduce anyone to tears, and we all laghed, a lot. Although I'm not sure the humour was always intentional.

I was also left quite surprised by the amount of fuss that has been generated about keeping the details of the plot a secret. For example, at one point, Carrie was trying to figure out the password her assistant had set to open some very important e-mails... my friend and I knew it straight away. Can you guess what it was? Love!

My point is: the film was a tad predictable. But a riveting storyline was not why I went to watch it anyway, of course it was the fashion. I (and I think most of the human population) already knew every minute detail of all Carrie's outfits worn in the first, say, half an hour of the movie due to countless magazine spreads... Eiffel Tower bag, Balenciaga heels, floral dresses, over the knee socks etc etc etc etc.

But there were still plenty of stylish treats, something I did not doubt for a second with Patricia Field of 'The Devil Wears Prada' and the original series as stylist. Actually I don't think Carrie ever wore the same outfit in two scenes (apart from her wedding dress) and I've never seen anyone look so stylish in pyjamas.

PS the photo is courtesy of via google images. And I just watched an episode of CSI and guessed the plot twist... before the CSIs!! Totally irrelevent but go me!!!


  1. I kinda want to see the film--for the fashion, but I'm not really interested the characters or drama at all...I'll probably wait for the video. Good write up.

  2. You should - it's actually extremely funny!

  3. I, too, knew the password was "Love"! when she guessed wrong the first time, I thought, "You've got to be kidding me."

    There were many fantastic outfits. I loved the recurring studded belts. The shoes were incredible...

    But the plot really lacked a lot.