Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Well, after this weekend's grizzly brush with detection, I was delighted to come across a wonderful thriller which not only satisfied my love for mystery but was absolutely beautiful too. Brick is subtitled 'a detective movie by Rian Johnson' but I've never seen a detective story filmed so stunningly. In one pivotal scene, a series of images help our hot protagonist to join the dots together and figure out one part of the mystery.

The gorgeous detective (it always helps, doesn't it?) is supported by a cast of brilliantly portrayed characters, who although all in high school, fit well into the archetypal film-noir moulds which it was inspired by.

The Femme Fatale

The Thug

The Heart-throb Avenger

The Brain

The Old Flame

The One Calling the Shots (how cool are his mis-matched shoes??!?)

As the film came to a close, I was left wishing that all detective stories could be so beautiful.


  1. Wow - great minds or what?!? xx

  2. Oh I really really want to see this film! It's on my lovefilm list.

  3. Very cool-looking.

    Say, I was wrong about that "Saw" comment I made a few days ago. It's "Saw V" that's playing down the street, not "Saw IV."

  4. ENC - I definitely won't be seeing Saw V, or IV, III or II for that matter!