Sunday, 26 October 2008

Detective Pretty Face Returns

I've just finished watching a scary movie with a friend and now I'm alone in an empty house. I don't want to go to sleep quite yet, and so I've turned to thinking about how long it's been since I last wrote an 'off-to-bed' post. I think this one must be some sort of late record; it's 13 minutes past midnight at the time of writing this sentence. I don't normally feel like blogging when I'm having a late night which may explain that.

But I'm not sure I'm ready to sleep just yet!

Anyway - so we watched Saw. I was quite proud of myself whenever I figured something out ahead of time, in a smug sort of way. Although it's probably just an indicator of spending too much time watching CSI.

Another thing which struck me was Cary Elwes' grand decline. When I saw that he starred, I got super-excited, expecting to see this:

I was instead greeted with this (he's on the left):

There's something odd about scary movies; they can have the power to scare you, render you incapable of turning out the lights and going to bed. But sometimes, they just make you laugh. I couldn't keep a straight face at the end of Psycho (and no, I wasn't screaming...)


  1. Some scary movies are so cheesy, they're not even scary. "Saw" is icky enough to turn me away completely.

    "Saw IV" is playing in the cinema down the street. I won't be attending.

  2. I know what you mean about Cary Elwes. I was so sad when I saw his, as you put it, grand decline. He just doesn't look like a farmboy anymore.