Saturday, 27 September 2008

Decisions, Decisions

UPDATE: I'm rather proud with myself, because despite my obviously flighty and passionate attitude to fashion, in this case I've allowed practicality to reign. Being a fashion victim just isn't cool. I think I'm going for the navy coat, which has two sets of pockets, mainly for that reason. What can I say? I reckon that the fake pockets really would drive me insane. (although there's still time for me to change my mind...)

Last week, I went looking for a coat and came back with a bag. This week I came back with two coats. Now I need to decide which one to keep! Can I please have your help?

This first one is navy blue, a staple colour in my winter wardrobe. It is smart, warm, inexpensive and fits very nicely. The only issue I have is the belt, which I don't like. This could either be cut off or tied in a bow. Another thing is that it is EXTREMELY similar to my old, grey coat, which is also from Zara. Maybe also a little non-descript. Still - it's an extremely useful coat.

The second coat is a little more exciting and a little more pricey (but not much). It's from Topshop, so there are fears of seeing it on every other person on Oxford St in a couple of months. But god, the oatmeal colour is divine - although will it get dirty quickly? And you can see a glimpse of the stunning purple lining in the hood, which is naturally oh so important. The sleeve and back detailing are fantastic. But is the cut a little less classic and flattering? Also, the pockets are fake which may be liable to drive me insane.
Can you see my dilemma??? Please HELP! And no 'keep both' please ;)


  1. I definitely see the dilemma. I wish I could tell you to keep both, but since that's not allowed, I'll say keep the one that is warmer.

    They're both brilliant. :D

  2. I would keep the blue one because it's warmer. (Right?)

  3. Go for the one that has the more indented waist. That's more feminine for the human female.

  4. Hmmm I'm not actually sure which is warmer. I'll have to think about it tomorrow. Topshop's A/C is completely screwed up so according to that it's waaaaay warmer.

    And dear Gorilla, I have other incentives with coat decisions other than looking womanly...

  5. i want your second coat !! it looks so good !

  6. To be totally honest, I prefer the more tailored look of the first jacket. The second one looks like maternity-wear to me.

  7. I can see why you went for the navy but I totally love that 2nd one.

  8. Thanks for your input!

    Everyone who saw the coats IRL liked the navy more os for that one I went...

    It's looks really cute with the belt tied in a bow at the front so I'm still being semi-girly. :)