Thursday, 7 August 2008


Note: if this scheduling business is going to work I'm going to have to improve, I accidentally made the post date and time for this 07/07/08, thus banishing it to blog history and then amended the date, only then it came up so I had to delete it and copy and paste the text onto a new post...

Although I don't look it, with my pale eyes, skin and red hair, practically the whole of my maternal family tree is from Turkey, which is where I'm headed off to today (there was a little clue about that in my anklet here - which subsequently broke). Anyway, I'll probably write plenty about Turkey when I get back; contrary to some Western notions about the Middle-East being a bunch of philistines there is a wealth of great art and fashion, which I often indulge in and return with practically a whole new wardrobe.

I have already said that I have scheduled a handful of posts to pop up whilst I am away for a couple of weeks but it has been quite difficult to write posts which are not immediately relevant, and I have not had much time for lots and lots of writing (although in fact this post itself is scheduled!) so right now I don't have enough for one every day. Of course I am sure no readers would mind since there are so many wonderful websites to read every day but being the freak that I am, I hate disturbing the symmetry of the posting. Sadly this has already happened because of the posting irregularities; writing at all hours, 4 posts some days, none other days and my blog archive count certainly isn't even.

Oh well! I just thought I'd make a notification of my commenting absence and ask you to continue making contributions to my posts so that I can read them when I get back, or even if have a couple of bored minutes whilst I'm away. xxx

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  1. Thanks for planning ahead and thinking of us! Have fun on your hols!