Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Beauty Transcends Language?

Ever since I was little, I've always been obsessed with language, reading everything from Roald Dahl to cereal boxes; I cannot resist reading food packaging.

And when I get a magazine, I spend the majority of my time reading the articles, the information about the clothes, the editor's introduction. Pictures are pretty, but language is far more engaging for me.

However one of my lovely friends got me a copy of this this month's Italian Vogue, 'ago'. Italian Vogue is said to be one of the best Vogues, more ground-breaking as its recent sell-out all-black issue shows, and more fiercely stylish.

So I shall do my best to enjoy this thoughtful gift and allow beauty to transcend language. Besides, I have noticed that foign magazines contain a lot of English headings in comparison to English foreign content...

PS apologies for recent spurt of short posting; I have been caught up in last minute holiday preparation frenzies and reasoned that short posts is better than none at all, especially since for the next couple of weeks posts will be less frequent (scheduled for every couple of days)


  1. It's true that their words are much more engaging! You can always understand better what's happening behind and build up your own ideas! You are going on holiday soon? Packing is not the most enjoyable thing, but it is really essential xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I'm glad to read whatever you have to say. I hope you enjoy the issue.

    And have fun with packing!