Monday, 4 August 2008


I do love seeing before and afters. Clothes, before and after altering. Celebrities, before and after airbrushing. Regular people, before and after a whole lot of plastic surgery. I love those little makeover montages in films and Andy's makover totally makes The Devil Wears Prada for me. No, I don't have some weird obsession with altering my own physical appearance which manifests in before and afters, I simply love marvelling at how you can take the most mundane, even ugly, and bring out its 'beauty' (or, in some cases, completely ruin it! But that's part of the fun, the fact that makeovers are such a delicate process).

Anyway, when I started this webpage a couple of months ago I wanted a really neutral and simple design; the colour scheme is co-ordinated, the layout obsessively neat and there is a clinical lack of adornment which I so detest (glittery myspace page anyone?). I was trying to go for a sophisticated look, but also I lack any talent in graphic design and also suffer from chronic perfectionistism. So choosing a name was torture and now I've come to realise that prettyfaceshelpinraces is a little rubbish, but I knew I'd hate whichever name I choose and decided that it was vaguely relevant. But there was no way I could choose a suitable picture for the blog's header that would perfectly encapsulate its essence. So it's remained bare. And now I hand it to you.

I reckon any person who can turn on a computer and definitely everyone of my lovely readers could come up with a better blog design than I could. It would probably be easier for them if they had a blogger account so could see the colour schemes etc, but blogger isn't exactly rocket science. So I'm asking you for help! if y have any ideas for a more interesting yet unglittery colour scheme (although I'm not ruling out any glitz!), a nice font to tie in... hyperlink colour, a pretty header, so on and so forth... leave me a comment or e-mail me at and I'd be absolutely delighted! If I love your suggestion and decide to use it, after a month or so of tortuous indecisiveness I will totally implement it. Look, I've even made a pretty (?!?) little badge with my great graphics design skills for you which you can put up on your blog if you have one, as a sign of your fabulousness.


  1. I find blogs with a simple layout but their own background design to be my favorite. They're personal without seeming busy.

  2. It's alright for some... those who have great doodling skills ;)

  3. I'm with you, simpler is better. Less is more. After all, the zingier the blog look is, the less we pay attention to the writing.