Monday, 5 May 2008

Pretty Faces - Help in Races?

Wow, brand new shiny blog! Me, procrastinating? Only slightly...

I've been reading blogs for a while, mainly fashion, a few lifestyle and I have quite a few on my daily blogroll. In my mind, they aren't categorised into the content of the blog, but how often it updates; the ones which update daily I love and admire, the rarely updated ones I just forget and those terrible few, with fantastic posts being published at a steady rate before slowly trickling into a rare treat are the ones I hate the most.

Now I cannot predict at all how often I will post so for now, I'm not going to worry too much about linkage love and gaining a following. I just wanted somewhere where I could log all my creative conquests to look back on and laugh fondly. I don't want to try and be anonymous, so it's probably best not having to worry about who's reading this. Having said that, don't expect anything too exciting, really I'm quite a closet geek.

So, maybe I should explain the TERRIBLE title and what this blog's going to be about. Basically, anything I find beautiful, which I myself have created or otherwise, I shall document here. Books, cards, clothes...

It's gonna be fun!


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