Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Puns, my foot!

I was trying to think of a suitably witty foot-related pun for this post title, but I soon realised that the issue of foot is, well, not very funny at all.

You see, I currently have very sore feet. Coming back from a 24kish hike was nothing in comparison with the soreness induced by a day of sales shopping on a Saturday in a pair of red ballet shoes.

It was upon arriving home with some very unhappy feet that I slipped on these:

Ugly, hideous, unsightly to the extreme, FitFlops are truly the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Seriously, when your feet are lacking a little bit of love, these babies are more comfortable than bare feet. Despite this, I haven't been able to venture past the corner of my street in these FitFlops and have therefore been desperately trying to come up with vaguely nice outfits incorporating comfortable shoes.

On Sunday it was a super soft pair of leather pumps which are so soft that they feel like cushions. Until you start walking around central London in them for a day. Then your soles start to suffer.

Yesterday it was a brand-new pair of comfy, supportive white mocassins which required plenty of plasters for new shoe adjustments. At the end of my (first full) working day I slipped on a pair of the famously comfortable Havaianas. Bad mistake... a year of non-use led to ever sorer soles.

So today, I knew what it had to be. No, not the FitFlops, not quite. Trainers. But it had to be hot, and therefore I had to come up with an alternative to my normal comfy fall-back combination of a pair of Nikes and some skinny jeans. I decided on a dress and Converse, although not high-tops, which make me feel like a try-hard hippy. No offense hippies. My low-tops are either too small or too big but my mother convinced me that the too-big pair would be fine with some ankle socks, and they did match my outfit beautifully. I soon realised they were still too big. Out came the storage socks that are guaranteed to lurk in the bottom of my bag, stuffed down the back of the shoe. All was well. Until a sock fell out.

Tonight, the only shoe I could face, bar the FitFlop was the Birkenstock (isn't this post just reading like a list of commercial comfy shoes companies?) - I even painted my toenails a pleasant shade of pink in preparation. So when the weather forecast predicted 'heavy rain' for tomorrow, I metaphorically screamed with exasperation. And began to see the FitFlops in a whole new light.

And it is upon finishing this post that I have decided that am never to try on a pair of crocs.


  1. wow, you mentioned a lot of shoes! I don't have a pair, but I have no problem with fitflops. And birks are really comfy, I just try to avoid the most hippie looking ones. I think there are shoes to love, and shoes to love for not hurting you.

  2. Yes, pamcasso I have a slight shoe fetish. It really shouldn't be such a task to pick a suitable pair with such an extensive collection!

    We'll see what the weather brings...

  3. Do not succumb to Crocs.

    What an ordeal you've had with your shoes! I hope your tired dogs feel better soon.

  4. Screw today's rain, I've lived in a pair of beaten up leather sandals for the last month and dammit I'm not going back to my uncomfortable pumps just yet.

    Once I treated my feet to a deep moisturising session before a night out with a friend. My feet were so slippy afterwards that my high heels literally CUT the soles of my feet on walking to the tube. Luckily I always carry flip flops in my bag when I wear high shoes. Now I know why!

    I have nothing to say about crocs. Just NO.