Wednesday, 25 June 2008

What type of blog are YOU? Take Two.

Around a month ago, I wrote about the different types of blogs... anony-blogs, mayjah blogs, combinations of the two. There are of course plenty of examples I failed to mention, but in that post I was mainly referring to the style of the blogs. Recently however I have noticed that blog content varies too, even within the fairly limited world of fashion blogging (outfit blogs, catwalk and trend blogs, fashion news blogs). But I'm going to surprise you here, and not do a mini essay psychoanalysing the different blogs in comparison to my own in excruciating detail.

Instead I am going to say that I have recently noticed that despite style blogs being the type I read most frequently, and the majority of my early posts being about style I am leaning more and more towards the randomest of topics. Furthermore, I tend to discuss these all within an inch of their lives (5+ paragraphs on my newspaper habits anyone?). Anyway my point is - yes, I do occasionally have one - how can you bear to read this shizzle? I have found that my more image heavy posts do tend to receive more comments but still, some of you are reading my longer posts, aren't you? Does it bother you when you have no idea what you'll be reading about when you click on my blog or does that not matter at all?

I know that it would bug me a bit, but I'm not sure I care because I do enjoy this (approximately) daily creative outlet. Still, I think I'm going to try to focus on what I try to make the common denominator of all my posts, which is finding beauty in everything.

Interestingly, here are six women who came up on the first page when I searched 'beautiful' on Google Image Search.


  1. I look forward to reading your posts, no matter the subject, and yes, I read them all the way through. I do that with all the blogs I read. Otherwise, why do it? The person doing the writing was doing it for me and everyone else, so the least I can do is read what that person wrote.

  2. I read your whole posts because I love the way you write. I like being surprised! However, I understand wanting to narrow one's focus because my blog is a bit schizo and I have had a hard time balancing post types, so to speak. But the quest for beauty is one I will def keep reading your blog for, I'd like to think I'm on a similar quest:)

  3. Ack I do hope you didn't think I was fishing for compliments! But I must say it's a nice feeling.

    Pamcasso - it seems my blog posts, style and probably mood too are all entirely schizo.