Wednesday, 7 May 2008

What type of blog are YOU?

Don't those facebook applications which come up every 5 seconds piss you off too? I have to give them credit; it was an ingenious idea to make you have to invite x number of friends before finding out your results, but at the same time incredibly irritating!

So... you may have gathered by now that this post isn't one of these lame-o quizzes, just some general musing about what kind of blog I see this is, and all the different types of blogs I have come across.

Let's start with the first, the anony-blog. This post first came to my mind when I read LLG's announcement that she will cease all fashion posts on her current blog. Very sad. It seems to me that ALL anony-bloggers are destined to be outed at some point; all the ones i have come across, anyway.

And then there's the mayjah bloggers; the ones who loads of people know by face and get invited to all sorts of mayjah blogging events. Flying Saucer, Fashion is Spinach etc. There are even bloggers like Susie Bubble and The Sartorialist who are of such mayjah importance that they HOST said events.

These examples are of course only fashion blogs. One of anony-blogger turned mayjah is Girl With a One Track Mind, whose outing even make it into the NEWSPAPERS. The real kind, made of PAPER.

For now, I shall not worry my pretty little face about what I want to be (not that I am suggesting that I have the talent or anything to become of such international importance as those who actually have their own domain). It is something that needs to be thought about though... perhaps posts such as my previous, which although fiction is still quite a personal thing, the marginally more tongue-in-cheek and the ones where I make myself easily identifiable through outfit photos do not sit well next to each other conventionally. I'm hoping that by ignoring the needs for a certain 'type' of blog and posting whatever shit I can think up I can avoid that question... What type of blog are YOU?

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