Sunday, 15 June 2008

Hello @ 10:51

UPDATE: I have added a tag to these posts. You can't have @ in your tags so now they're 'off to bed posts'. Now do you see why I shouldn't post when I'm tired?


-When I started this blog, I think just over a month ago I was unsure if I would ever amass a readerbase and also very much unsure about whether I even cared. Looking back now most of my posts (which were actually a lot more creative than some of my recent ones) got 0 comments, or possibly 1. Then recently I started gaining a few more readers, still nothing astronomical (what did I hear you say? Double figures?!? Not on my blog..) but a steady 5-8. I think this was almost certainly because of my increased blog commenting, but now it seems this has steadied to a trickle (oh yes I love you guys). I've realised that I don't mind although at first I was a little bit woaaaaaah what happened.

-And yes my writing style right now is a little... um out of character. I have just written over 1000 words of an essay, well I wouldn't call it an essay quite yet. I have no idea how the rest of the world's essays evolve but mine follow an invariable format. There is the 0 draft - the one I have just completed, in which the format of the essay is clearly laid out. All my ideas are put on screen in a vaguely coherent mess. This stage is mainly to ensure that my paragraphs link nicely. I pride myself on linking paragraphs nicely.

-What was I going to say? I had something hugely fascinating to say... I cannot remember but I do remember something else! I love enc of observation mode! Google her! I can't be bothered to link... She gave me a whole bunch of invaluable tips and today I embarked on another wardrobe cull. I am famed for my frequent wardrobe culls which are normally hugely uncullworthy (a couple of tops maybe, or perhaps one pair of jeans which haven't seen the light of day for several whole light years) because I hoard simply everything apart from clothes. I think most of my friends think giving away something which you can still physically wear (and I mean physically physically) is, well, stupid. Anyway today's wardrobe cull was actually hugely impressive, so thank you darling darling enc. Look what I got rid of today:

4 vests
3 bras + 1 bikini
6 t-shirts
2 skirts
1 pair of shorts
2 pairs of trousers
2 belts
1 dress

Go me!

-Other random thoughts over the weekend include the realisation that the grass is universally greener on the other side. It's not just my garden which is a worrying shade of brown. I am currently working on gaining a liking for brown grass. I am no longer showering the grass at one hour intervals and buying all sorts of magic green-making potions. I will be happy with my grass. God, what an amazing analogy.

I really think it's time I went to bed now...


  1. You sound happy for being up so late!

    Congratulations on your cull! What a great job! How do you feel?

    I'm so glad you're happy with your cull, your grass, your readership, and your writing. Your appreciation of your grass may be an indication of a shift in attitudes toward things in your life in general. Who knows?

    Thanks for the very kind mention, and I'm so pleased that I could help.

  2. In my experience, it can take some time to find your blogging 'voice', so don't worry about the comments! And I'm with you on ENC- she is brilliant, indeed!

  3. I heart ENC too! good job on the closet editing, I obsessively weed through my own every 2-3 months. Love the grass analogy, although depending what you mean, make sure you take care of your grass. It's totally worth it! Just don't obsess over it!

  4. I'm glad you picked up on my cheerfulness last night - I am feeling wholly bright right now and I do hope it will last. Though I don't see why it wouldn't because I really can't think of a particular reason for why I feel so cheerful, which is a sign that the reason can't go away.

    Cull = fantastic! I'm going to offer some friends a couple of the pieces they might like but the rest is ready to go the charity shop. There are some other bits I might also be adding - I couldn't decide on them because they haven't been worn for so long due to being very summery items.

  5. grass = life pamcasso ;)

    it's funny but now I read your comment I can see how you might interpret it as different things: relationships, wardrobe etc.