Thursday, 8 May 2008

CUTE stuff

In the throes of revision (or non-revision) I have resorted to instant messaging and looking through My Documents. I hoard stuff in real life, and also on computers. I have documents that were created before 2000.

And I'm really not very old.

Maybe this little story isn't as sophis as the one I posted a couple of posts back but it's infinitely cuter!

Look what Google Images found me!

The magical merry-go-round 1

Honey dip world.

A bit of a Surprise

Susyanna awoke to a non-present birthday (at least she thought) one sunny morning. The birds were singing sweetly, Susyanna listening in her best mood. She jumped on her parent’s bed (which awoke them, alright.) "HAPPY BIRTHDAY darling" was the first thing they could say.

"But where are all my presents?" Susyanna questioned.

"Well darling- we new you were such a good girl. And so I and daddy thought that you wouldn’t mind if it delayed a bit would you?" Susyanna’s mum asked generously.

"No mum but I’d be pleased if you told me what the present is?"

"Well-" her father began. "We wouldn’t mind, but I think you should just wait a bit, don’t you think Sarina?"


"Mum, please,"


"Ruth, you’ll never get me out this time,"

"Actually bet you 50 pounds I will Jennie!” Everyone was playing tag... except Susyanna.

"Sus, what’s the matter with today? Birthday girl must be happy." It was Susyanna’s best friend Marla.

"Well I’m not." Susyanna half sulked, half commanded. Marla frowned

"Oh well". And she was off.

Susyanna’s half, half day.

Next morning Susyanna still hadn’t quite got away from the sulk but at the finishing of lunch wasn’t quite the same… The postman rang, had a long talk with Mr. Samms, (Susyanna’s father)

And went away!

The next time Mr. Samms was in the room he had a huge smile on his face "Cheer-up puss, pressie time." Susyanna lept to her feet.


"Ye-e-es yes".

"Right". And she was off. (Expecting that her presents were in her in her room, Susyanna headed right into her room. "Where is my present then?"

"Well darling it’s not in here." Mr. Samms explained.

"Then where dad?" Susyanna was getting very impatient now.

"Well- Susie just follow me," It took half an hour too get there and by the time they were there, it was nearly dinner. "Now what do I do then?" Susyanna asked. Not knowing what would happen one bit. "Very well, darling MARK" Mr. Samms yelled. And up came a man with a black beard, a big nose, brown eyes, and a bold head. "Hey child you’ve got a list of pressie’s. A slide, a bike, a toy(donno which yet)and a merry-go-round." Nothing exactly caught Susyanna’s ear’s except the merry-go-round, which gave her the answer at once. "Errr could I-I have the Merry-go-round errr please?" Susyanna trembled. "Yeah sure, polite child you have there. It’s quite late, not expected. I’ll show you the present tomorrow early as can be." At last Mark stopped talking. "Well Mark thank you very much" Mr. Samms said. "you’re welcome" Mark said, and he was off. "Dad and mum, I thank you an awful lot" Susyanna said, "and I love my life so thank you for that too.

Many thanks to my happy days" she granted to herself.

Happiness must be granted to a child’s life.And here Susyanna stayed dreaming about her magic merry-go-round.

A horror of happy.

Susyanna slept happily that night, (little did she know the events of her magic merry-go-round.) In the morning Mr. Samms woke Susyanna, and they both set too Mark. Mark however, was already waiting for the Sam’s. He stood at the gate’s and when he saw Susyanna he said "Hey child I’ve been polishing Ricky for hour’s. Now take care." Susyanna was astonished. "Nice name and looking." Mr. Samms said. "Well of course he has a home of course. And why should I not show you so I will show you. I need too." So too amazing, Susyanna was led to an underground hut. "This is Ricky’s hut"- Mark said.


It occurred to Susyanna that she must try her merry-go-round out at once, (but then she did not know that it was magic. On a Sunday morning Susyanna’s dad decided on the visit for Susyanna too go to Marly that day, (because he had too go too work and Mrs. Samms was with a friend) but unfortunately Marly was ill (so pretending too find another friend, Susyanna decided to use that day for the checking out her Birthday merry-go-round. (So, full of courage) Susyanna made her way too Ricky’s hut. (When she got in, Ricky had a bunch of flowers on the horse, just the one Susyanna decided too sit on!). It certainly wasn’t there before. But Susyanna just ignored that little comment, and climbed on to the horse. Then Susyanna saw that she had a button with START written in gold was newly replaced on the edge of the horse. But without any fright Susyanna pressed the button for an extra long time and she was zooming OFFFF!

OFF OFf and off. This was an extraordinary merry-go-round. (but Susyanna certainly was fun.) Until BOOM! CRASH! THUNDER! THUNDER! LIGHTNING! The merry-go-round stopped. But surely this wasn’t London! A bee buzzed by, "Oh Ricky, my flower flew away, what should I do? and what’s that thing on you?" "Well- this is Susie if I’m right, and just take the flower’s in her hands." Ricky said. "Errr-.". Susyanna was too astonished to speak. "Errr- Well my name’s Susyanna." Susyanna mumbled. "Well we in Honey dip world, will call you Susie". Ricky explained.

Introducing everybody.

Even though Susyanna was known perfectly well at home, only Ricky and Trouble, (Trouble, the bee you met. It’s name). New that she even existed, in the world!

But as any merry-go-round would do Ricky had organized a party for introducing and (today it was April 1st, Tomorrow 7 of June. What a funny place). "Susie, It’s morrrrni-

iiing" Trouble was buzzing around in Susyanna’s rented hut. "What? It’s one o’clock in the morning," She opened her eye’s. "Errr Susie you’ll be surprised that A. you don’t speak to social bee’s like that, and B.It’s actually 10 in the morning at Honey dip world." Suddenly his voice turned firm. "So get out of bed you slug." "This is a bed?" Ricky said too himself when Susyanna told him the story. At Honey dip’s 4 in the afternoon, the introducing show took place. Ricky took his wings out and with a split second, he had himself on the stage fully attention. "Now Susie have you ever been on the stage before?"

"No" She answered. "Then you never can go" Ricky said cheerfully. "But there’s always a first time," "You’re right and you can go, Every soul must lie, once. Get onto the stage NOW!" Susyanna obeyed him. "This is Susie" Ricky said, very embarrassed from the first scene.


Ricky got his attention once more as all the bee’s started a song:

My names Strawberry,

my names Lick,

We get Trouble,

Oh, he’s lost Stick

When we’re finding,

Little Buzzy,

Instead we see,


"Now" Ricky said I think our show is finished.

A boat trip to Nibia.

"Oh yes Boatia, I forgot about her you see,(she couldn’t come too the show, so that I thought too make up, she’d take you on a trip somewhere). (She says yes,) what about you?" Ricky told Susyanna. "Oh, yes, I’m exited too!" She answered. And so that precise day, the bee and the girl, went on a trip to Nibia. As they passed by there was a lovely sight of and grass as green as could be, and clouds as white as a story, made up, and let the sun shine through(like two teams facing one another, with a judge marching through!) Soon they got to a near too Nibia tricky bit. (With Susyanna too, to notice it). But luckily two Nibians came along and helped Boatia to get to there city (with an unbreakable, rope!)

When the two Nibians were back at Nibia they told there king, that thing about Boatia and Susyanna, (the king, his name Harold told them they might as well make a picnic for them) so the two Nibians(by time we say jack and john) went to Susyanna, (the only one they could find) and said "excuse me sir- but could we please have a picnic with you, honor by king Harold, I don’t know" "I’ll be delighted" She said. And rushed off too tell the others.

A big picnic cake.

Soon both city’s organized a scrumptious, glorious, cake. Both very big. (and those were the only things even the slightest touch wasn’t the same, except that!) Even though non and non of those two cities knew that such a thing awaits them. The next day it was a hard trip for Ricky hardly fitted in Boatia’s small boat. And he put so much wait even strong Susyanna could hardly drive it! (But they got there, nice and well)!

Susyanna thought "I wonder if they made a cake for us"! Well- we know........

"Hello Mr. H -" "Brown" Jack whispered. "Brown". Susyanna finished. "Thank you" Harold said. They all sat down too a glorious picnic. As I said, they hadn’t known each others surprise......... And when everybody helps each and everyone you call the greatest of them all, friendship. And that is, I can bet you what made BOTH, cakes, really and truly yummy. So both cakes were eaten with great happiness, until the last remains of the two cakes.

"You keep them," Susyanna said.


She said.

To Her:

Magic merry-go-round!!!!!!!!!!!

If you're able to read this without dying of horror from the sheer amount of grammatical errors and unwise sentence structure, I will love you forever!

PS and yes you eagle-eyed readers, there WAS a Magical Merry-Go-Round 2.

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