Friday, 6 August 2010


I have been meaning to write a post for a while now, but whenever I purposefully decide to, I am stumped about what to say. There is plenty I could write about, and at the same time, none of it seems interesting or original enough, or right for an entrance to make after a two week absence.

So instead of choosing one of the vaguely interesting things I have watched, bought or done, I'm going to take the whole lot and put them all up here. I have pictures of a few. Some are from google search, some are carefully composed photographs, others are quick illustrative snaps. But anyway here is my mind blog of the past two weeks: everything I have thought I should post but not had the courage to.

Please pick up on anything that interests you and let me know if you want to know more, or, alternatively, just ignore the ones that don't.

This is what I climbed (x13) and I am still recovering.

My new favourite show, several years too late as always. I got the series 1 and 2 boxsets, zoomed through and am now aching for the third. In the meantime I can obsessively rewatch episodes and read this excellent style commentary.

New cardigan, needed like I need a hole in the head, but it has awesome elbow patches and it's that exact colour of green we talked about.

I lost a pair of shoes and broke a pair of shoes and replaced them with these. They make my feet look like Ronald McDonald's but what else is new. I needed these like a patient suffering from a disease which can only be cured by a hole in the head needs a hole in the head.

I wanted pastel purple. I bought this cheap bottle - £2.95. This incredible colour is anything but pastel.

I saw this last night. Hmmmmmmm.


  1. Wow I don't think I would ever recover from climbing that but then again I don't do enough exercise to start with! That nail polish is so pretty, I love the colour and I've been meaning to see inception for a while now. DOn't know if I'll like it :/ Nice post :)

  2. 1. I LOVE that nail colour.
    2. I am so happy season 3 of Mad Man is on.
    3. Happy you are back.
    4. I missed you.
    5. One can never have enough cardis.
    6. Thank you so much for that incredible comment you left over at my place. You made my day!
    7. I will answer your question about projections later today.

  3. Thank you for the Mad Men style commentary link - it's just great. We're on Series three and absolutely loving it.