Monday, 28 June 2010


So the company which sent me the free pair of shoes asked me to post up a photo for a competition of a fashionable outfit I designed around the shoes. I was of course happy to oblige with the photo; however, today was the hottest day of the year (apparently) and I simply could not be a**** to get changed. You know how it is when it's hot and sticky and you want as little stuff touching your skin as possible, and if you are afforded the luxury of removing whatever it is touching your skin, you are highly unlikely to want to reclothe yourself.

Never mind; as luck would have it, the clothes I was already wearing I found matched my outfit pretty well.

I painted on some red lippy but then remembered that I'm meant to be blogging anonymously. So try to visualise some red lipstick and these cute little earrings dangling from my earlobes somewhere behind the explosion of light:

I love my Maloles from the Sarenza collection. I have blisters on both my heels the size of coins from the sandals I posted and the soft squidgy leather is a balm to my sore feet.

This isn't a particularly special outfit, so I'd feel bad asking people to vote for me. But I decided to go for this one anyway, because it epitomises my life, my style and my shoes: cuteness, seasonal appropriateness, but above all, comfort.


  1. And it is all those things: Cute, seasonally perfect, and (I assume) wonderfully comfy!

  2. Am I slow today? I don't get the red lipstick problem.

  3. Adorable outfit. Super cute earrings and shoes. The red lipstick looks great ( in my mind;-).

  4. I think you have obliged them very charmingly. I'll just imagine the lipstick. xoxo