Friday, 23 April 2010


The other day I noticed my friend giving me a funny open-mouthed look. I realised they were imitating me, so I tried to close my mouth and look more demure. I started to suffocate.

That's how blocked my nose is.

I thought it was the bane of my life, i.e. hayfever, re-rearing its ugly head at the first sign of summer. Now with the tummy ache, sore throat and general tiredness I think I might just have a common cold (which is weirdly a relief).

So I haven't been up to much except lying on the glass absentmindedly, sitting in front of the computer reading or watching absentmindedly, and, best of all, playing Brick Breaker concentratedly.

The new blog banner (and maybe other slight adjustments maybe? Nothing drastic) reveal will have to wait. In the meantime, are there any things about the font/sizes/colours on the blog which you don't like/make it harder for you to read?


  1. I have had three septum surgeries in an attempt to quite being a mouth breather. I still am. I try to tell myself it is part of my idiosyncratic charm.;-)

  2. I feel your pain, I have a cough, hayfever, cold.. whatever it is and I feel like I've become addicted to my Vicks inhaler as it's the only thing I can actually smell!

    Blogs - I hate black backgrounds with white writing, it's a killer! I like grey backgrounds, a bit like yours, although on my screen its got a purple tinge? I may be biased as my blog is grey though!

  3. Correction: it is hayfever, damnit

    Nuvonova: yeah, mine is actually more of a lavender, greyish purple, on my screen anyway.

  4. Hope you're feeling better! I do this annoying open-mouth breathing thing at night that isn't very attractive at all...