Sunday, 14 March 2010


I really need to improve my time-management skills.

I spent ages messing around with the self-timer on my digital camera, realising the utility of balancing the camera on a stack of books (finally, a use for all those weighty volumes I buy...), trying to successfully snap my new heels.

They're not exactly new. They are a few years old, only I recently managed to persuade my mum to give them to me seeing as she has only worn them once since she bought them.

You see, I don't wear heels. I am tall-ish so they would be pretty conspicuous on a day-to-day basis. I am not so down with dressing up. Comfort is the main thing I take into consideration with footwear. I walk a lot. And my feet are bigger than those of most of my friends so I don't partake in the whole sharing shoes thing. All elements not very conducive to heel ownership.

But I do love heels, and on Friday I felt a bit frumpy so I decided to put on these heeled boots. Wow! Immediate difference to my entire mood, posture, aura. I love that I don't feel very dressed up either due to their boot-ness.

Still, the click-clack when I walk makes me feel a little grown-up, so I'm thinking a softer heel is next on my list. Maybe a nice crepe-y wedge? Suggestions, lovely readers?

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  1. I do love wedges. But that's a great heel.