Sunday, 28 March 2010

as per usual

As per usual, I am several years behind with my latest obsession: eBay. I only got my account about a week ago after WendyB suggested I look for a top on there. Oh my god it is so very addictive. Soon after I began aimlessly searching through the swathes of stuff, I came upon a lovely bag and remembered how much I've been wanting a black leather bag for ages. Yes, eBay has plenty of those.

I haven't watched a single TV programme today, but eBay has filled in more than enough of my revision breaks, and somehow managed to spill into revision time, and last-minute revision time...

I have had quite a rollercoaster experience today. First, the bag I loved and which had stayed at the starting price for several days rocketed fifty pounds higher. Then I found another bag I quite liked and bid and was the highest bidder and there were only five minutes left. Then I started panicking because I decided I hated it and had been blinded by the designer name and the relatively low price and the fact that it was a black bag. All the while one friend was very soothing: 'it's really nice!' while the other just laughed. I never imagined I would be relieved to be sniped.

Now I have find a bag nicer than the two together but there's two days left and I don't know how I'll deal with the suspense. Currently I'm the highest bidder and there's no panic whatsoever. I feel great.

(and I have completely been completely side-tracked from my blouse search, and any chance of a decent mark in my test tomorrow).


  1. Hon!!! You NEED to snipe yourself!

    With sniping you can cancel your bid at any time AND you don't run up the price for no reason.

  2. Let us know what happens!