Friday, 25 September 2009

rose tinted

Today has been sort of depressing. I was looking forward to some serious shopping with the 20% off at certain shops in Covent Garden and a 30% discount voucher at GAP that was being offered this weekend (details at the end of the post), to shake off my mood.

As you can only imagine, unsuccessful shopping when you are already in a bad mood is not the best.

I tried on several jackets/jumpers in GAP, but concluded that none of them were quite right. Then I walked out of the shop, with one jumper still draped over my arm. No alarms went off and I was already a few metres out of the shop before I noticed. It was pretty embarrassing dashing back in and throwing the jumper onto the desk before scarpering off, sharpish.

I suppose by now I should have realised I was way too tired for this shopping lark.

Huge disappointment to find that Urban Outfitters have got rid of their permanent sale section! I loved a couple of things in there, but I am loath to pay full price for anything in there because the sales are normally so ridiculous. And Firetrap, please, I am not going to pay prices which round up to £100 to the nearest 50 for 100% acrylic.

By this point I was practically walking with my eyes closed, so didn't even bother visiting All Saints (the dark ambience would have surely sent me off to sleep) or any of the shoe shops, even though we all know that Covent Garden is shoe mecca and I am in urgent need of shoes.

At the last minute, I noticed that Benefit was included in the 20% discount deal so I set off in search of some lip gloss. The glosses all smelt nauseatingly of watermelon, but I did find a nice tint and gloss, which will be perfect for me as my lips have an unfortunate tendency of simulating pallor mortis.

Annoyingly, the discount turned out to be only 10% off but by this point I wanted to go home and not empty handed.

So I still don't have a jacket, cardigan in forest green, shoes, sports bra or scarf (all on my shopping list), but I do have some new lip gloss (also, shock horror, on my shopping list!). And about that I am happy.


If you fancy your chances with a more successful shopping trip than me, get the 20% off in selected shops in Covent Garden here.


  1. Pretty, I'm sorry your shopping excursion didn't go well. Is there anything I can do to help?

  2. enc, you sweetheart! I'm fine now, after a good long sleep (God, I am sounding like a broken record, aren't I?)

  3. "unsuccessful shopping when you are already in a bad mood is not the best." -- so true. But I think it's a sign that you're meant to save your money for some WendyB jewelry which always provides satisfaction! :-)