Monday, 24 August 2009


I'm feeling a bit funny at the moment, a result of nerves about all sorts of different things.

Whilst being nervous can be due to all sorts of different things, I reckon you can boil it down to basically one thing: not being sure if you're good enough. Not being sure if you're good enough to have passed the exams you took months ago, not sure if you're good enough for this person, that person, this task, that challenge.

So you can only imagine how good it felt today to get some approval. Not simply some approval, but an official seal of approval. Not just that, but an official seal of approval from Wendy Brandes, who is definitely good enough. I mean, just look at the earring taking centre stage on the seal's design. Proof of Wendy's excellence, and definitely a lovely way to make a nervous girl feel a little bit good enougher.


  1. This seal would go great with your green leather jacket.xoxo

  2. I'm glad it helped! ((hug))