Sunday, 19 July 2009


There seems to be a common misconception that week-end means that the week is over. That it is time to relax, stop working, rest (and maybe party a little).

If my week-end has been anything to go by, oh how wrong that is.

After a long tired week at work, made barely sufferable by frequent visits to the coffee machine and lunch-time bouts of retail therapy - more on that later - I was excited for my birthday week-end, and the four day week that would follow as I signed off work for Monday. In some ways, this week-end has warranted excitement.

Today I ran Race for Life in a time so short that I am seriously doubting whether the big timer at the finish line had a fault. Seriously, I am not being self-deprecating. I have never run 5k in less than 30 minutes, let alone 20. Even my i-Pod playlist throws doubt upon this good news.

Bursting with a two and three-year old's excitement about a surprise birthday present, my parents convinced me to open my surprise birthday present two days before my birthday. I struggled to conceal my shock, disappointment, guilt and finally did a total u-turn. The battery for my new digital camera is charging as I type.

'It's hard being your age, isn't it?' my mum said, in a rare moment of tenderness, or maybe sarcasm. 'Well; I'm not going to suffer for much longer then, am I?'. Although I don't think weeks, week-ends or days off will ever let you glide through life too easily.

Or maybe that's just the depressing films and books talking. Gleeful at the prospect of three whole days without work, I took a film out of the library, snuggled into bed with a book, and had the luxury of time allowing me to finish both. Unfortunate, then, that my book and film choices were Beloved and Wendy & Lucy respectively.

Michelle Williams starring in feel-good flick of the year Wendy & Lucy

There's nothing like slavery and homelessness to cheer you right up.

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  1. Slavery and homelessness. Hmmm...don't think I am in the mood. I need a feel good movie. Any suggestions?;-)