Thursday, 9 July 2009


Work is getting much better, and strangely enough I have managed to wear four completely different outfits this week without buying a single new item of clothing. I did visit the French Connection sale yesterday and there were a couple of nice skirts I might get this weekend... with my first pay-cheque!

When they asked me whether I wanted to be paid in cash or cheque, cheque sounded so much more glamorous, grown-up, exciting. I only realised a few minutes later than cash would have been way more practical as I'm only going to have to go to the bank and cash the cheque now. Well, it's nice to know that working in an office hasn't completely wiped out my daydreamy lack of common sense.

There is no example of that better than the photos I had been taking daily of my work outfits to share with you all (and prove how silly my NOTHING TO WEAR moment was). Whenever I move photos from camera to phone, I always click the option 'replace existing file with the same name'. Only now, seeing that I only have one outfit photo, do I realise that I was infact deleting photos with the same code name, which are completely different photos. It actually makes me quite sad to think of how many pictures I have probably lost over the years without even realising.

(I was going to post the one outfit picture I do have but I now notice that my mirror is disgustingly filthy and anyway, I have posted the dress and cardigan I was wearing on this blog before.).

Anyway, I just hope I don't make any common sense errors like that tomorrow. I have been alright so far; maybe it's the business clothes making me sensible. So, we'll see how I fare in jeans on dress-down Friday...


  1. Did you already tell us what kind of work you're doing? Sorry if I missed that update!

  2. I am sorry for your technical difficulties. I am delighted you have found things to wear. Congrats on your first payday!!!xo