Monday, 29 June 2009


In the normal way, as soon as I have had plenty to write about, the time to sit and write began to slip away. Still, there's one thing I want to share with you which shouldn't take too long: my new mascara.

As you will see if you explore my posts with the tag 'beauty potions', they are far and few between. I simply don't wear very much make-up. Recently, I've got into lipstick which I should have started so much earlier, considering the naturally blue state of my lips. But even now I often can't be bothered with checking the mirror every time I eat or drink, and reapplying in public.

Eye make-up's even worse. The glasses which I bought last year sit close to the face and I find mascara transfers onto them. As the frames are clear, I try to keep the glasses as clean as possible. On top of that, I find that the effect of eyeliner is sort of lost under a glasses frame, and creates a scary bug-eyed look with contacts.

As a result of my disregard for make-up, you will be unsurprised to know that I hardly ever replace it. But last week, exasperated with my much-more-than-six-months-old clumps of mascara, I went to my local Boots to stock up on liquid eyeliner, mascara and make-up remover. About an hour later, I finally found everything I needed (it's a small shop, by the way) having compared features and prices and special offers and brands and in the end given up and taken what was in my hands at that moment to the till.

Even so, I did make sure that my Nivea gentle facial cleansing wipes 'removes waterproof mascara'.

A day after applying my big yellow Maybelline mascara, I still don't need to top-up. Ah, I have much to learn in the arena of make-up application and removal.


  1. And here I thought you were going to say you'd gotten your eyelashes dyed!

  2. I have the same mascara and I'm lovin it!

  3. I am still loving my holy grail mascara from Covergirl. I am only slightly tempted to try yours.;-)

  4. My mascara is probably six YEARS old.

  5. Oh great! I will tell this thing to my sister, i'm sure she will love to try this product.=D

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    The Brown Mestizo

  6. Maybe you're born with it... ; )

  7. Wendy, I got a whole batch of make-up for my birthday 5 years ago which I (mostly) threw out last week. I kept some eyeshadow.

    LOOOOL susie!!