Tuesday, 5 May 2009

unboring red carpet

Of course I do love me a little bit of the Oscars, the Baftas, the Golden Globes. But these days it's more for the outrageous speeches than the outrageous dresses, with celebrities edging towards duller and duller outfits. This is probably a combination of fear of bitchy reception by fash mags and sites, and something to do with the designers wanting to be making a safe endorsement. Either way, it's boring as hell.

But as I mentioned last year (this over than a year old blog thing is such a strange feeling!), once a year, the Costume Institute's Party is an exception. Even so, there are still plenty of non-descript and uninspired outfits but on the whole that one word costume seems to bring out people's exciting side. And I love that.

So I applaud Claudia Schiffer, Madonna, Rihanna and Leighton Meester for their adventurous spirits. If only they weren't standing side by side about a million long neutral-coloured dresses (and you know I can appreciate those too, but not at a costume party).

(a very small selection of the seemingly same dresses out on display last night)


  1. So many fun outfits! This is much better than last year's!

  2. Love them all..;D
    They have a funny side regards on their outfits..;D


  3. Hi there! So sorry it has taken me so long to stop by, but thank you for your lovely comments.

    This event was so interesting - although I think Madonna's outfit stepped over the line into crazy.

    A xx

  4. oh Rihanna was so beautiful.;D Thanks for sharing it..;)


  5. I am not getting Madonna's headdress. But, she is Madonna and she can do whatever she wants.
    Oh, and, I hate to admit it but I do love the beige dresses. I'm old.;-)