Thursday, 21 May 2009

salad and sweets

I mentioned in my last post that I was thinking of posting about making myself eat more healthily by presenting the healthy food to myself in a pretty fashion.

It came about when I noticed that the lunch I had prepared for myself looked remarkably colourful, and I got the urge I get when I see an attractice object to photograph it. But when I started writing about it, the post turned in a completely different direction, as writing has a knack of doing.

I started writing about how I've found that the only way I can cope with running for anything longer than ten minutes is when I'm in a nice park, and running on grass (although of course it took me at least two paragraphs to say that). The easy to access roads around me and the treadmill are annoyingly unmotivational.

So I began to wonder if maybe the key to living healthily is to 'make it pretty', be 'it' your meal or your exercise area.

And it's true that the day I wrote this draft, I ran the fastest I ever have in a field which it took me half an hour to get to (thankfully I was in the area anyway). And I was completely satisfied with my healthy lunch of sweet potato falafels, beans, green leaf salad and a date with walnuts for desert, which as this photo testifies was also gorgeous to look at:

So it's a shame that before I got a chance to post this revelation, I remembered this:

(picture borrowed from this blog which has a pretty thorough coverage)

M&S recently launched a new range of cupcakes including the above pictured Strawberry and Vanilla Cupcake (I have to say, M&S are launching a lot of pretty funky foods right now as part of their 125 year celebrations, although I think these cupcakes are an unrelated and therefore thankfully/unthankfully permanent).

As you can see, they're pretty easy on the eye, especially with the cute retro packaging.

I can testify to the fact that they are also delicious.

And not at all healthy.


  1. But there is strawberry in the cupcake.Doesn't that make it healthy?;-)

  2. I choose to balance out my sweets addiction with exercise because I don't even come close to having the willpower to give it up. That cupcake looks heavenly!

  3. What a great food dish my dear!!!!
    As a vegetarian I would love to eat that, also the cupcake... it's some kind of a balance ;)
    not everyday, but one day per week :)

    Hope you're having a nice weekend, dear


  4. oooh, your lunch looks delicious! i love falafel, but i've never had sweet potato falafel -- that sounds so yummy! also, your header photo is so lovely, did you take it?

  5. Mmm the Seeker, veggie food is fab :)

    annie thanks, i replied on your blog!

    Kristen and Belette - women after my own heart :D