Tuesday, 28 April 2009


I only want to curl up inside my bed and re-immerse myself in the many worlds of the trilogy I am racing through at a highly intellectual level. Until then, I must drink endless cups of tea to keep myself fixed in this present place. My shoulders droop and my body feels heavy. I cannot even contemplate the idea of getting a textbook out and doing the revision I had intended to. I have worked all day. I sink into the bath and slowly lift my arms, using my last reserves of energy to clean and wash and condition my long hair, and repeat. By the time I am out of the bath it is only 9PM and I am far too tired to do anything but go to bed.


  1. Oh i understand you..;D
    You need to take a rest for a while.And we're just here waiting for your next post.;D
    Have a wonderful day..


  2. hey girl,you nee to take a rest..;D
    hoping you have a great day..;D


  3. That's ok! Hope you'll feel better soon.