Monday, 13 April 2009


I'm off on my jollies very soon now, and have just finished packing. I was especially uninspired in writing a post about 'finding beauty everywhere' (as I am meant to be doing on this blog) today after seeing that for the next week I shall be wearing old jeans or tracksuits, fleece gloves, walking boots and, wait for it, a hat with earflaps and a pom-pom.

I have decided not to lug around my precious but rather awkward camera. I am a little sad about that since there will definitely be some stunning photo opportunities - for which my camera phone and a Kodak disposible will have to suffice.

So as a goodbye to the camera I took some photos of this cool little rubber. Symbolic on many levels, no?


  1. Happy travels. I hope your camera and your Kodak are soon filled with beauty.

  2. Wonderful shadow use- Enjoy the vacation and stay warm!