Wednesday, 18 March 2009


There have been plenty of films which have made me cry. I have been weeping buckets whilst watching House on TV an embarrassing number of times. Some of my favourite books have had me smudging the inks on their tragic pages. In fact, the other day, I found myself getting emotional as I listened to a song on the walk to school.

However one thing which had yet to make me cry was a play. I absolutely love seeing plays, and see as many of them as I can; in the past three weeks I have seen four separate productions. Most plays tend to be pretty sad for some reason, but having never been moved to tears by one, I wondered if I just hadn't seen one effective enough. Or if the inauthentic surroundings to the performance of a theatre meant that I couldn't get quite sucked in enough to be moved to tears.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, this all changed. I had a couple of free tickets to see Burnt by the Sun at the National Theatre. I almost didn't go because everyone was inconviently otherwise occupied. But I did manage to go, and boy am I glad I did. There was all the other stuff you expect from a good play: a history lesson, a thought-provoking plot, stunning set design and fine acting. Together, I was moved to tears.

I don't mean to sound like I'm being paid to advertise stuff, but I have an uncanny knack for doing it anyway - I don't do all the advertising I get asked to do anyway either. So yes, if you can get to the Southbank, and tickets aren't already sold out (which they should really be), book tickets, now!

(plus there were some hot celebrities there too. Oh, I'm so cultured...)


  1. I don't see enough plays...this one sounds good. I never admit to crying during films...I'm not saying I do and I'm not saying I don't--I just will not admit to it.
    Also, sometimes people think I'm advertising on my blog and I just like something--other times I am advertising and no one guesses! :)

  2. Sounds an interesting play, I never go because they never do or show them here :(

    Have a nice weekend