Tuesday, 10 March 2009


With yet another Vogue Paris gift, I am well aware that I am being spoiled!

It seems that in France they're more into the themes than here in England, with a whole issue dedicated to Chanel and a supplement entirely dedicated to enfants - children!

From front to back page, the supplement is filled only with pictures of adorable childen (they left the ugly ones out...); even the ads are all baby designer fashion ads. Of course they are incredibly cute, and some of the mini-shoots are refreshingly unique and did I mention, they are sooo cute??

But once I got over the initial awwwws and oooohs and aaahs I wondered if maybe this whole thing was a little bit disturbing. One thing which struck me was the actual presence of designer clothes for kids; children grow so fast, the clothes are so expensive, plus there's the whole angle of dressing them up like dolls or using them as status symbols. Even if that last point is going a little OTT, the concept of it to me seems completely effete.

There was also an article about celebrity kids, with a whole page dedicated to Suri Cruise and then another to other 'cool' celeb kids. I haven't actually got round to tackling the article yet, so my point may be exactly theirs and completely pointless. But again, something about this really disturbed me. Famous toddlers? Isn't that a step too far?

Worst of all, however, was this incredibly creepy advertisement for Almax.

Note: please excuse temporary awful phone camera quality, must remember to charge camera...


  1. I have something for you - check my latest post!

  2. I'm kinda fascinated in these, but I definitely worry about the exploitation of children. I would never want to be a celebrity mother because it is TERRIBLE what the media would do to my children.