Monday, 9 February 2009

Seemingly random plea

Update: got it, and anyway don't need it anymore. In fact, I was actually asking for the wrong part. The part I needed was available in the preview, I just hadn't realised it. If you care.

Dear readers, I give you so much. A new post every (almost) day, filled with magic and delight...

Anyway, basically I have a seemingly random request for you! I need a copy of pages 107-108 (conveniently excluded from Google Book Search's preview) of Jean Anouilh's Five Plays - that is the part with Antigone's speech to Creon.

If you have a copy of this lying around which you can scan in, or if your Googling skills are superior (!) to mine, I will of course love you for ever and ever and ever. You may in fact be elevated to a saintly status. You never know...

Thanks in advance!!!!


  1. Sorry, I am of no help. Do you know any key words on those pages? If you do, you could do search in the book with key words on

  2. Aw thanks Belette!
    I think I may just splash out on the whole tome, though x