Thursday, 1 January 2009

Unusual chat-up lines

As I have mentioned, I don't really like reading trashy novels. When the Twilight series began to tighten its grip on the entire female teenaged Western civilisation, I ran as far as possible in the opposite direction. I simply refused to read it as a matter of my integral self-respect. Even so, whisperings about the awesomeness of Robert Pattison (who? Oh... that one in Harry Potter? Doesn't he have a sort of squashed nose?) and his wonderfully vampireish fictional alter-ego Edward Cullen became impossible to evade.

When the film came out a good few weeks ago, a tiny part of me was curious - I am more lenient with trashy films. But I still wasn't willing to pay the extortionate cinema prices to watch this story.

Yesterday, with hours to go until the fireworks in central London (Happy 2009, guys!) I was finally persuaded to see what all the fuss is about. For the first half an hour, the surprisingly full auditorium was in fits of giggles at the pseudo-scary vampire smoulders. But after a while we all began to fall under the spell of the beautiful vampire. He really is so much more stunning in action.

Edward: 'You're like my own personalised brand of heroin.'

I know, it's laughable right? But by this time, every female in the room was wishing that they had a beautiful vampire confessing to her how much he wanted her blood.

So here we have it, proof that even the most absurd chat-up lines can be rendered quite magical when uttered by an insanely attractive vampire.

OK, I know this isn't him in Vampire-mode but I couldn't find stills of the awesome scenes where he's glittering, or wearing sunglasses. So just imagine this, with glittery gold skin, redder lips, paler skin and amber eyes....


  1. I actually liked the book more than the film...I don't know his hair bothers me...but I would like a ridiculously hot vampire. :)

  2. Good to know! Tell me, is that line in the book???

  3. OK, OK. I'll go see it. Twist my arm, why don'tcha.

  4. I was a huge fan of the series before the movie came out and ended up going to the midnight premiere. I hated the movie. I thought it was terrible. It was better the second time around but I have better hopes for 2 and 3 and 4. I just hope it gets better. He is handsome -- although he doesn't really get me as excited as all the teenage girls seem to get. Hahaha. I'd rather have had James! Yummy!

  5. Wow, well I suppose I had nothing to compare it to, did I?

    I really do have to admit that it was pretty much two hours of mindless dribbling over His Insane Hotness but I still urge everyone to go, and view it as, um, art?

    I'm glad i've got you on board, Sal