Saturday, 31 January 2009

Scarves International

My January postcount has been at alltime low, and I am wondering perhaps if this is to do with the lack of inspiration I can find for this blog in this winter weather. Looking back at the sort of posts I have been writing, almost all of them are to do with books or films or other forms of indoors entertainment. In the spring, summer and autumn I felt much more stimulated by my surroundings, whilst now most of my writing is very pensive or depressed and not quite suited to posting on the blog.

So, with a despairingly low amount of ideas to write about, I have remember something I have wanted to make a post about for a long time but which required more photo-compiling than I have cared for up until now.

Over the years, I have amassed a much-loved scarves collection which seems to encapsulate my attitude to style, which is why I have wanted to write about it on a sort-of-style blog. More than any other sort of garment, I regularly add a handful of scarves most seasons, and they often form a large part of an outfit. Regular day-to-day scarves are usually one of my pashminas, of which I have had many. Some of them were bought cheaply on Oxford Street, and quite a few were picked up in Turkey for a tenner where the quality seems to be superior and the material much thicker. However these pashminas are relatively disposable and I have lost more than I would like to count; off the top of my head I have owned beige, navy, light blue, light pink, lime, blue/gold and all those are lost. Currently in rotation are grey, mid-blue and purple.

And then there are the special scarves, which have been collected all around the world, mainly as gifts: Paris, Hong Kong, Turkey and of course London. I don't actually wear most of these - one of my most beautiful scarves from Paris is insufferably itchy, and I am afraid to wear the other one for fear of snagging it. Below, you see (clockwise and snaking in from top left) my grandad scarf, my Missoni-esque £1 scarf, my snug-as-a-bug Gap Christmas scarf, my presents-from-my-aunt slinky scarves, my gift from a good friend in Hong Kong scarf, my precious Galeries LaFayettes in Paris scarf, my itchy present-from-daddy in Paris scarf.

There are many more, such as my most recent acquisition of last week. As you can probably tell, they provide me with plenty of happiness throughout the year; scarves are the perfect evening for cool summer evenings too. Of course, they are beautiful but they are also so very, very warm and it would be impossible to venture outside into the bitter cold without a warm scarf to keep the chill out.

So there you have it, the one piece of fabulousness which I continue to wear, out of love, style and warmth through the harsh January months, as well as the rest of the year.


  1. Oh I love scarves!!!!! I'm a scarves digger lol.

    I've a little thing for you in my blog, dear


  2. Lovely collection! I have become something of a scarf collector too, but I don't know how it happened! My boyfriend likes buying me bourgeois silk square scarves on Ebay which are great for when I need to smarten up and jeans-n-jumper outfit. It really works! Otherwise my favourite winter scarf is a boring black cashmere Marc by Marc Jacobs one which is superwarm, over 2 years old and still looks like new.