Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Lazy Style

Looking back at old pictures of myself I can only marvel at how awful I looked, yet I seem to remember caring a great deal about how I presented myself. Now I feel a lot more relaxed about meeting strangers without a jot of make-up on a bad hair day. That's not to say that I don't prefer looking nice, of course I do. But two years ago, I doubt I would have worn a tracksuit or trainers for a walk in the woods.

As I begin to let myself go (a process which I fear can only end badly... but we're ignoring that for now) I have noticed the need for more nice lazy day clothes. My style used to be far more cute t-shirt and hoodie casual, so I have plenty of tops past their sell-by date. But due to my severe hatred of any trousers vaguely related to the tracksuit I am finding myself changing into my PJs when I get home, because I cannot stand my uniform trousers - another post topic in themselves, so horrendous are they.

So I decided I could do with some nice lazy style bottoms, and soon found these in the sale.

Now normally I do not go for the David and Goliath style of clothing, which is a little bit cheerful and, well, annoying for me. Exacerbating my irritability of the garments is a fact that I cannot see how the shop has anything to do with the biblical story of David and Goliath.

But these are so unbelievably soft; apparently they are an 100% cotton 'babysoft knit'. No idea what that means, but they satisfy my lazy side.


  1. LOL they're cute for a lazyng morning ;)


  2. Forgive my random association. I have never been a great at punctuation. I have always said that I use punctuation like salt and pepper shakers. When a piece is done I shake the shakers on my document and see where they land. That is what your cute pants make me think of.

  3. Those pants are so fun.
    P.S. I have seen that film--it was visually stunning. Have you seen "A Woman is a Woman?" It's another good one. :)

  4. The pants are awesome lazy pants! I love changing into comfy clothes once I get home - especially ones with ultra soft and nice fabric.

  5. I also finally responded to your tag! So sorry it took me so long :)

  6. david&goliath stuff tends to be cartoony-cute, which is just their style i suppose! and yes their cotton is great! thou i must say i prefer flannel for PJs...but with a print that adorable (mr and mrs salt and pepper, RIDICULOUS!) i wouldnt mind at all.
    andrea xoxoxx
    Life In Technicolor

  7. Thanks, Seeker!
    La Belette - there is nothing to forgive, that is a really cute little association going on there. I love it when the randomest things pop into your head from a certain image or event!
    Clothes Horse - no, I haven't.. but I'm going to remember the name and keep my eye out, so thanks.
    Paula - on my way over....
    leyandrea - I know, it's a little crazy and I don't really get it, but it's fun! Anyway PJs don't need to be haute couture sophis!x