Saturday, 6 December 2008


It's a scientific truth that when you're cold, your body's nervous system reacts by making you shiver. The movement creates heat energy which warms you up. I've always thought this was a load of rubbish... until today.

When I told my mother about the vintage sale, she told me it would be a disaster. 'You never find anything in vintage shops'. Sage words. But I took everyone else's advice (can you feel my evil glare in your direction, people?) and headed out to Wembley, nice and shockingly early only to wait in a queue in the freezing cold for 3 hours. Yes, you read right that's 3 hours. Considering we left 2 hours before the sale started... I was not impressed. When we arrived, I saw the many kms long queue and decided I wanted to leave. But I'd just paid for a train fare (it's an overground station!). After 40 minutes I said I wanted to leave. But - 'come on, we've travelled all this way'. After an hour, we were all pondering our madness for going but still we didn't 'want to waste an hour. After two hours, another friend arrived, trying to tempt me into a warm shopping centre. But still, to wait all this time and leave empty-handed would be unacceptable. At around 2 and a half hours, my friend and I almost left. We were going to be late. Everyone coming out was saying most of the stuff had gone. But there was only about 15 minutes left!

So we waited it out, and went inside and yes, everything good was gone. And my toes were numb (actually at one point, I resorted to running a few laps up and down our queue in an attempt to regain some feeling). Then afterwards, I didn't go home but onto a rehearsal. In a freezing theatre. Now I'm home, with my beige cashmere blazer and my plastic patent bag. And I've got pins and needles.

When will I learn, that my mum is always right?!??

Note: I might post pictures when I have fully regained sensation in toes, fingers and brain.


  1. You know what though, after I`m out there in a cold, for a while my body adjusts to the lower temperature, but if I get warm, and then cold again, it`s worse than if I had just stayed cold.

    That happened last week when I forgot my jacket going out with BF....

    But I hate the pins and needles feeling or when warm water feels like it is scalding your fingers.

  2. Horrible day :( Was up in London today too - SO FREEZING! Urgh :( I wanted to make the sale - I even had it circled on my calender lol, but I had a major hangover this morning and when I finally got out of bed and up to London it was 2pm! Me and my (drinking and shopping) partner in crime decided it wasn't worth it and crashed out in a cafe before heading onto the V+A. Yes - we are just that cool.

    Glad you grabbed onto some lush finds though


  3. I'm sorry your day was a bust, pretty face. Mums have a way of being right, don't they?

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that your day didn't go as expected :(
    It would be sooooo nice to have found good stuff.


  5. Don't be sorry about it all, I can just chalk it up to experience :) x

  6. Stay cosy, darling!!


    P.S. I don't save all my images; I just trash them once I do the post, because I figure they are preserved in the blogosphere forever :)

  7. Well done for braving the queue, I have the utmost respect for you! I took one look at it and headed back to the station. And yes I grimaced at the fact I had to top up my zone 1-2 travel card to get there...look forward to seeing what you bought xx

  8. So sorry. Hope you are toasty and warm and that your Mom didn't say she told you so.

  9. oh gosh that must've been such a horrible feeling waiting out in the cold for such a long time! >< Oh well... there'll always be crazy days like those... at least it was an experience eh? :P how many people can say they've done something like that for a vintage sale! i think i would've done the same too...

  10. that's too bad, I also queued for almost three hours to find almost nothing, blah. At leass now I know it's not worth it if they ever make a second sale...

  11. Oh no!!!! I always hate it when my Mom is right - so sorry you didn't find anything and had such a horrible cold experience :(