Friday, 19 December 2008

Returning full circle.

I have previously mentioned that when I started this blog, it was as a method of avoiding revision. Now, just over half a year later I am back, attempting to find a way of remembering hundreds of days worth of knowledge spanning all different subjects all at once. Yes, that's my definition of revision.

Anyway, I thought of a way which might reduce the guilt involved in blogging during a period of what is supposed to be intense work. Last time, I mused on the presence of Ancient Civilisation in fashion. This time I am going to try to make observations which are a little more, um, scholarly on the content I have revised.

To start off this series of posts, let's go back full circle to Ancient Greece circa 700 B.C. I've been re-reading the Odyssey and it's starting to dawn (fresh and rosy-fingered) on me that Odysseus is a complete and utter 'douchebag', in the words of Perez Hilton. Full of hubris, he finds it necessary to announce his name to the Cyclops thus causing his return to Ithaca to be delayed by many years. Not quite so cunning now, are we Odysseus?

I also take issue with the pride with which Odysseus likes to tell his tales of sacking cities and murdering women and children.

Doesn't this famous, brave and intelligent hero just make you swoooooon?


  1. Actually his chest hair makes me a little sick. Penelope could harvest some of that and use it for her tapestry.;-)

  2. Looking forward to know all those things ;)


  3. Well . . . he's not my type! But I see the appeal. ;)

  4. You all surprise me... I thought everyone fell for Odysseus ;)