Saturday, 29 November 2008

My Blogosphere Radar

One of the results of having a carefully (OK not so carefully... mainly lazily) pared down blogroll is that I can invest more time and detection skills in the blogs I do read. Up until now, my blogosphere radar has been responsible for watching the development of the Stylebytes Saga. That's pretty much over, but there are always more mysteries to be solved.

Remember that hot red-haired Parisienne, who made multiple appearances on street style blogs and was soon the blogosphere's girl crush equivalent to [insert your celebrity girl crush here]?

She appears to be a real life acquaintance of lovely French blogger Alix of The Cherry Blossom Girl. Here is the incriminating post.

Not only that, but she has her very own blog!

Louise's blog: Pandora

No need to tell me how brilliant I am.


  1. Hi dear, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and left such nice and kind words.

    I didn't know your blog and for what I've seen now it seems pretty cool and interesting... so, I'm going to follow you :)

    Hope you're having a great weekend.
    All the best

  2. I've seen a lot of photos of her. She's got a charming look. Nice detective work, pretty.

  3. When I first found her blog I was quite obsessed. I have so many stalkerish posts on her on my blog!
    P.S. I hardly consider my 2 new bags a spree, but I might purchase a 3rd and that might set a spree into motion...

  4. There may be no need to tell you, but I am going to. You are brilliant!!

  5. The Seeker - thanks!
    CC - do!
    the clothes horse: again, DO!
    enc and la belette: yes, well, what can I say? ;)