Friday, 14 November 2008


What's the best way to keep interesting content on your blog with actually writing anything, or taking any photos?

Fun links!

Here are a couple of links for your pleased perusal.

Since discovering this website a few months ago, I keep meaning to post it. It has actually changed my life (as well as whiled away many a long hour) - I can now name all 50 states of the USA without hesitation, as well as the most visited websites.

Article of the Day
Current affairs can be quite depressing to read, so I love to come across original and intriguing material which doesn't make you want to go and jump off a cliff whilst despairing for all mankind. Today's offering by the Guardian is a nice old conspiracy theory with a bit of an edge - who doesn't love one of those?

Article of the Day Redux
Even if you aren't familiar with the Daily Mail, I'm sure your part of the world has an equally mind-numbing equivalent. This Daily Mail-o-matic teaches you about exactly the type of journalism you should steer clear of, children.

Shameless Sleb Stalking
For a fun alternative to having a life, I like to sneer at all the famous people looking rough. Their random features are also oddly entertaining. A good online destination for you envious days when you wish you could feature on 'the fabulous life of...'.

But nowhere near as fun as...
The best game ever! I'm sure I've posted this before, and it's several years out of date so the Mean Girls website link doesn't work any more. But one day, when I really wanted to play, I found this. I love Yahoo! Answers SO much.

Yahoo has the answer
In fact, you could even go as far as saying that Yahoo is better than Google, if only for the simple fact that you can go on Yahoo! Answers and find out how to fix a broken heart in the Health section.


  1. I know where I am going to after I leave your lovely blog. Thanks for sharing the links. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. That looks like a nice reading list. I'll go check the links out.

  3. thanks for the links Pretty Face - looks like there's enough there to keep me distracted at work tomorrow!

  4. No probelm! My friend introduced me to another game yesterday, which whilst ridiculously juvenile is also strangely hypnotic.