Saturday, 8 November 2008

43 Greenbacks

One major gap in a map of where I have travelled to would be the USA. I have visited Canada, although memories of Toronto and Muskoka have become vague and fuzzy over the decade. Anyway, despite the fact that I have never stepped foot on the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, I still have 43 greenbacks in my possession.

Hey, get me with all my nicknames! It's almost as if I was a born and bred American. But since I'm not American, have never had the opportunity to visit and the exchange rate is so damn low, the $43 that my grandfather has obstinately gifted me over the years in place of actual gifts or maybe pounds has not been spent. Not that I'm ungrateful or anything, I love having a little bit of variety in my purse: pounds, dollars, a couple of euros and maybe even a Turkish lire or two. However a problem does appear when I do have dollars, euros and Turkish lires but the pounds seem to have miraculously vanished and I want that new top.

So, next week my father is flying to Tennessee for some sort of important meeting and I thought I might send the greenbacks over there for a little bit of international shopping. Only, although we do all love our fathers, I'm sure all of you can think of several instances where his choice was a little different from what we expected (cue: memory of the Christmas when my mother got fed up, and sole present was a miniature wooden duck). And as I know many of my readers are American, I was wondering if you could possibly suggest a couple of items which a Londoner might buy with $43 (although I'm sure that number could be supplemented a little if need be) in the USA.

Update: I'm such a newb that I counted the dollars wrong, I actually have $47 as my little sister pointed out.


  1. I haven't heard anyone call dollars "greenbacks" since the turn of last century!

    You could call them "bucks," our version of quid.

    Try Forever21, it's kind of like H&M and TopShop, and your money goes far in a store like that.

  2. LOL, I was only joking!

    I had another thought - American Apparel. It's like half the price of UK, but it's got exactly the same stock so I wouldn't be placing my trust in my father's taste.

    But F21 would be a good option..