Wednesday, 15 October 2008


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The Guardian did a survey of how people's lifestyle habits have been affected by all this. One person answered:

'I've been watching the news less'

I'm not surprised! As I've mentioned before, I've never particularly liked the concept of money and now I'm starting to like it less and less. Think about how humans have evolved from a bunch of organisms living on a mass of rock and some other stuff (or from the naked and penniless Adam and Eve, depending on which version you believe) to such a stupendously complex species of multiple races, classes and lives. None of us truly know if there's any reason or ulterior motive for us being on Earth, some philosophers even argue that we're not here at all, it's just one big dream - I haven't even tried to get my head around that one. How have we managed to get into a state where we're all relying on this invented concept of money so much? Especially when even now it is becoming increasingly clear that money can just be magicked out of nowhere, at least temporarily? I know that to say 'just get rid of money - the entire concept' is terribly simplistic as well as unrealistic but right now, even more than a few months ago, I think it would be great.


  1. "Imagine."

    You have a great idea here, pretty face.

    I don't need to ask "why" I'm here, because I know the answer: I'm here because my parents decided to make a baby one night in 1965. I'm here. I'm making the best of it. The rest is just Monopoly Money.

  2. That's such a fantastic attitude! xx