Thursday, 9 October 2008

Want, want, want

When referring to the items which one hopes to purchase in the near future, it is difficult to know which verb to use. Many people, for example, way over-use the word 'need' on a wishlist. I need a new red high-waisted skirt. I need a new pair of boots. I need a new bag. The word 'wishlist' itself means that it can only really be a list of items which you desire, not items which are essential for you to continue living. A high-waisted skirt would definitely be useful in accentuating my waist, and a red one would greatly increase the versatility of a few of my tops, but I will not go butt-naked without it. I already have a handful of pairs of warm winter shoes, including two boots. They may be slightly dated and not go with all my outfits but I certainly won't get frostbite this winter on account of a lack of shoes. And it would be nice to have a gorgeous, roomy leather bag to carry all my junk but I already have one of those, plus a backpack if needs be.

So is there anything I really truly need? There is a whole lot of practical, unexcitingly ugly stuff that I could do with: a new school skirt to name one. The zip's broken on my current one but I am loathe to get a new one when I have less than a year of the horrid uniform left (yay for that!)

Some new running leggings, thermals and sports tops would be a lovely addition to my sports wardrobe. But in all honesty, my homeless-chic tracksuit bottoms and baggy tops are doing the job absolutely fine. And I would love some new tights; my beloved grey ribbed ones are becoming awfully worn and the equally loved opaques are slowly pilling to death. But without a nice new pair of boots, I don't seem to be wearing skirts all too much in the current weather.

So, it seems that even the least extravagant of purchases aren't really necessary at all. I don't need some useful and dull basics any more than a frivolous high-waisted red skirt. It's all just want, want, want isn't it?


  1. Deffo just want, want, want. We can all get by with what we have.

    But 'wanting' makes life worth living.

  2. Enc stole my thoughts. We are lucky to truly want for nothing ... but if we didn't allow ourselves to feel desire - even for material goods - wouldn't we become complacent and bored?