Thursday, 23 October 2008

Pretty as a Picture

Mindlessly chatting to my friend on the phone as we tried to think of something to do, I flicked through 5 or so years worth of photos on my computer. Amongst exclamations of 'god, denim sandals?!?', 'did I lose my tweezers?!?', 'wow I was skinny!!' and 'oooh that's a pretty landscape' I started to think about my favourite photos. I am by no means a talented photographer, but I love to capture moments of beauty when I see them. I typed up a whole post about how a bit of colour manipulation seems to work with magical powers on a non-descript, or awful photo.
Here is one I particularly loved and almost forgot I'd taken:

But what of the other moments I've snapped since 2003 (when my archive starts)?

This is the earliest photo, which I took on a trip to a Living Rainforest somewhere in England. I absolutely adore this plant, which has graced my computer screen many a time. Some people argue that colours which complement each other so beautifully in nature transition equally well into fashion, but I personally don't go near green and pink. What do you think?

This photo I took of myself in my posery stage circa 2006. I was messing about with my enormous tangle of hair pre-haircut. Somehow, I think this one ended up working with a gothicy mood...

I can't believe I posted a photo of myself on here... why don't I remember doing that?

This is possibly my favourite photograph. I took it in Turkey this time last year, at an art exhibition. Do you have your own personal favourites?


  1. I love all these. They're striking in different ways.

    You look pensive there, and I wonder if maybe you're thinking about more than just your hair?

    You have a lot of talent. I hope you'll keep snapping.

  2. Thank you enc, I can see how people can get addicted to taking photos!

    To be honest, none of the effects or compositions were intentional here and it's mainly luck that produced these but hey!|

  3. The self portrait is really beautiful, sort of old fashioned. I love it xx