Sunday, 19 October 2008

No more procrastination...

I know that my past few posts have all been a little bit half-hearted, as in very little text (for me anyway) and a lot of 'filler posts'. I apoligise because this is likely to be one too. But I reason that a little bit of writing is better than none at all, plus blogging is always such a good form of procrastination because it's also productive; procrastination is actually the reason I started this blog back in April when I was deep in the pits of revision.

And today, I've procrastinated all day. I decided I was determined to make it to Zoo Art Fair but none of my friends wanted to go because they'd decided that they actually were going to work. So I went with my mother, and I had a fantastic time admiring all the beauty, and the art too (I joke, I joke, don't worry). There was one piece I particularly liked, which I was going to post but is taking too long so maybe I'll show it tomorrow. It really made me chuckle.

Then I got home and I decided to start working on my essay after I'd eaten. And here I am, over two hours later and I can still see about two hours in front of me of painstaking constructing and polishing paragraph after paragraph... I was so sure that I was almost done yesterday when I completed the essay's skeleton. So anyway, I was starting to feel a little bit dead so I thought I'd do my blog post and after that I promised myself that there'd be no more procrastination. But it's so difficult when there's such a wealth of stuff out there, and you're working on a computer. I'll end with a prime example of one webpage I happened on during my research, which I managed to use as a distraction tool for a good 10 minutes:

J.E. the musical! Whodathunkit?


  1. I hope you get done with your writing very soon!

  2. Writing and procrastination are inextricably linked( for me). But, I am sure that once you watched the musical you were inspired to finish that essay. ;-)

  3. Good luck on your essay. I seem to be putting off all school related things lately as well (I do have them!).
    P.S. I'm re-reading the Hobbit.

  4. Thank you to you all - I'm just about to complete the last hurdle!!

    CH - I loved the Hobbit! I never could get into the lord of the rings though, which really surprised me after loving the hobbit so much..

    I apologise for being a bad blogger; I can't really justify posting until this essay is complete. xx