Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Getting Shirty

I don't often wear shirts out of choice, having to wear ill-fitting and cheap ones for the majority of my days. However I was inspired to break out my limited collection, when the other day at the snowboarding and skiing show I made this origami shirt:

I find that, when worn correctly, a shirt embodies all that I love in fashion: that ironic, prim look which can reveal as much, or as little as one chooses. It can hint at preppy, which I am often partial to, or at smart, which is always useful, geek chic or even at sexy in a naughty secretary sort of way...

Good shirts always have that little detail which makes them feel special to wear. One of mine, which is old and faded black still receives compliments for its pretty frills and subtley puffed sleeves. High-end designers love that whole intricate-detail thing; in fact, origami detailing can look far more couture than my origami shirt. Take this Marc Jacobs Origami blouse.

Contrastingly, a checked or lumberjack stylee shirt like this gorgeous Paul and Joe shirt can give off a fabulously nonchalant aura which is so ridiculously un-me and therefore doubly appealing.And equally importantly, a good full-length shirt is perfect in chilly weather. Today, I wore out my shabby purple H&M shirt under a black woollen vest. I like to think I was rocking an androgynous/preppy/nonchalant/smart vibe.

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  1. I'm sure your look was absolutely androgynous/preppy/nonchalant/smart. But you already had all that going before you got dressed!