Sunday, 7 September 2008

Loving the Lining

What are the chances that I catch a stomach bug and then another one barely two months later? Well I did and this time I think it's even worse that last time; but now I think it's starting to get better (touchwood) and I thought about what I wrote last time:
And the silver lining? At this rate, I'll be looking like Kate Moss.
This time, I completely lost my sense of humour and my little sister had to remind me that 'now you'll be really skinny'. I actually think that I would rather be morbidly obese than ever have to experience stomach pains again, but it is nice to think that everything can have a silver lining. And in the throes of my misery yesterday, I thought of a way of explaining the unfortunate reason for my posting break without making it into yet another of those apology/filler posts which I fear are becoming all too common. I could celebrate my love of linings!

Yes, dropping a couple of kilos is a nice side-effect to illness, but my far preferred type of lining comes on the inside of clothes. This is my favourite jacket, not just because of the fit and pattern but also the stunning leopard print silk lining:

I had a couple of other photos of my beloved leather jacket and some pretty shorts with equally lovely linings. But my computer is playing up similarly to my gut, so I suppose I'll just post this before the whole thing goes wrong...


  1. oh honey im so sorry youve been un well.hope you feel tons better now!

  2. That jacket is so nice. Too bad you are feeling so unwell! I hope you get better soon.

  3. Ugh. Stomach things are the worst! I think we all ponder our shrinking waistline during those times because we are so desperate for SOMETHING to feel good about. Feel better!

  4. this is an interesting post
    I hope you're feeling better

  5. I'm sorry you've been suffering so much. I had no idea. I hope you can avoid another bout of stomach problems.

    Sometimes linings are the best part of a garment.

  6. Thank-you everyone, I'm really touched by how many comments I've got wishing me better :)