Saturday, 26 July 2008


I don't read very many fashion magazines; I have three Vogues in my house which are on heavy rotation but I mainly read them for the articles and like to look at the pretty pictures. I think that I have briefly mentioned my inability to spend more than a minute on websites such as; I just find the experience very monotonous. You could say that I can still get some trend knowledge from reading fashion blogs, which I obviously do. But most of the blogs on my blogroll is very un-trend-orientated; they lack those polyvore or photoshop moodboards of every season's trends. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with these, simply that they don't inspire me.

Therefore my awareness of current trends is fairly limited. So I thought it would be fun to take a couple of what I have gathered to be current trends, explaining where I got the idea that they were the trends from and whether these trends have translated my wardrobe.

1) Fringes. Right now, fringes are everywhere on everyone and their mother's blogs. Multiple times, in some cases. I have a couple of fringed pieces in my wardrobe, most notably this bag which is almost a year old. Once I got it, I noticed a very similar version in Zara (mine is hand-made). However I think fringes are one of those trends which have yet to become properly trendy; my friends refer to my bag as 'tasselled'. It's wonderful how uncool certain words can make something sound...

But when on the Autumn page of the Topshop website, I see this:

That's a red light trend alert.

2) Vertiginous heels. These have always been around and worn by my deputy head teacher on a daily basis, but I have only recently begun to notice heels which reach heights which even the most weathered trendista would find difficult to cope with. On top of that, most of them are stiletto-thin! According to this article, Gwyneth Paltrow's recent spout of high heel wearing has had an inspirational effect. Trendy!

All I can say is 'ouch'. The highest heels in my closet come in at a measly 8cm - that's just over 3 inches (and I've only worn them once). Must. Try. Harder?

3) Other footwear: loafers and gladiators. About a month ago I did buy a pair of white loafers (which have a fringe!), which I have worn plenty; they are ridiculously comfortable and satisfied my desire for a pair of white shoes. I began to be alerted of their trendiness afterwards when I saw somebody I know wear them (this didn't bother me because our looks couldn't be more worlds apart). But it was on a rare glimpse at the Daily Mail newspaper that I came upon this article naming it 'the must-have shoe of the season'.

Luckily, the article was written by Liz Jones who continued her story with a brief bashing of almost every other flat shoe alternative (a fan of the vertiginous heel trend, perhaps).
I do wear ballet flats, Havaianas and elasticated flats, plus it's Liz Jones, therefore I didn't take this personal affront to heart; in fact, I think I may wear my mocassins (I prefer the sound of mocassin to loafer) tomorrow.

Gladiators, however, are another matter altogether. They have become so ubiqitious lately that they are one trend that is simply impossible to miss. I do not deny that they can be beautiful, and I will take any opportunity to pay homage to classical civilisation, however I am glad that my glads are a little less, um, full-on.

(I have these, in silver)

I think that my interpretive sandals are an example of the key to staying away from being a trendista. Read the glossies,, blogs or just visit the shops, whatever floats your boat but always make sure that in the translation from trend to your wardrobe, you're making it your own.


  1. Flat shoes are one trend you won't catch me in!

  2. I love heels! They are great and look so fab! I wear flats if I need to walk, but I want them to look sweet and cute... right?

  3. I'm mostly a flat shoe girl. It's Havis and ballets for me, all the way.

    (Sorry I've been so behind in commenting.)