Sunday, 6 July 2008

Hello @ 22:31

Wow, I've had such a tiring week, and I think it's been reflected on here. The posts are a little hurried and random, but I have been so overwhelmed that there has been less chance to stop and reflect.

-I do adore being busy. The wonderful rush of things to do, not having to stop and experience boredom (truly the WORST emotion, no?). Sometimes business is just a way of distracting oneself from the blues, but you're always going to need to stop and in my experience, then you feel lower than ever. Right now though, it's just a fascinating sort of busy and on Friday I almost felt like time stood still for a moment and I wanted to freeze it, freeze that moment in the wonderful sunshine, but of course I couldn't. And now it's two days later. I am constantly startled by how quickly time flashes by. I sometimes wish I regularly wrote a diary, which would somehow capture time better but there simply are not enough minutes in the day. Or that I wrote letters. I am STILL reading the Mitford letters and recently there was a quote which fascinated me. One of the sisters, I can't remember which, said she wanted to start a diary, but she didn't need to because of how many letters she wrote. I don't think this blog would be a broad enough record of my life; I wouldn't want one detailed enough to satisfy my future curiosity online anyway. Maybe these Sunday posts could function as a record instead?

(I do know that I missed last week's post, I don't know how that happened!)

-And in a blur of frantic eventfulness, today has been a lazy break. I have stayed in my pyjamas all day, much to my embarassment. I have prepared a post for tomorrow but other than that I have done very little work at all. Does a little bit of laundry count? I watched the wonderful movie Secrets & Lies and munched on popcorn. I found it in the video library (am I the only person who uses them? It's always empty) to rent but they couldn't find the disc. Soon they realised it was because it was filed in the second hand section, so I bought it instead. To rent it for a week would have been £3; I bought it for £2. Bizarre. It was such a touching film, I absolutely adored Timothy Spall and in my mind, his and Phyllis Logan's storyline far overshadowed the main storyline of Cynthia and Hortense. On a side note, what an amazing name is Hortense Cumberbatch? I audibly gasped when she mentioned her surname; I have been in love with the actor Benedict Cumberbatch solely for his name ever since watching Atonement. Oh, is anyone else as obsessed with IMDB as I am?

-I have got a handful of spots these past couple of days. This always happens when I don't get enough sleep, or laze around a lot which is hugely annoying. But I can never tell if this is a coincidence and it is just a happens-once-a-month kind of thing. Well, in that case, I'd better be off to bed.


  1. Yes, I too am obsessed with imdb. time does seem to move fast- I'm unfortunately bored a lot of the time, must fix that soon.

  2. I like imdb, too. I can get lost in there if I'm not careful.