Monday, 28 July 2008

A different kind of shopping experience

I have previously said that I hate Primark; there are numerous reasons for this, but the main one is the shopping experience it offers. But today, for some unfathomable reason I decided to endure a 50 minute bus journey (I could have taken the tube, but that would have been worse) to do some much needed holiday purchasing. Apparently our destination is going to be so hot that you get changed at least 3 times a day - I can't imagine it getting much hotter than it was today - so an abundancy of cheap t-shirts and shorts was necessary.

So Primark it was, and very pleasant indeed. I got my shopping done and had plenty of time to trek to the other side of Oxford Street to browse in Topshop and exchange something. The air-conditioning wasn't working! I managed to find a very cute necklace but by the time I left the shop I was far more disgruntled than upon leaving Primark as well as a good deal cash lighter.

The moral of the story? You don't always get what you pay for in terms of the shopping experience. You may be shopping alongside better dressed shoppers, but after disapproving of Flying Saucer's judgement of her fellow shoppers (although my comment seems to have vanished; maybe I was suffering from sunstroke UPDATE: yes I was, sorry FS), I don't think I can use that as a valid reason. Plus, the Topshop brigade were a lot sweatier.


  1. I just dislike crowds in general. I went to H&M in NYC once and left without really looking because it was so busy! I can't focus amongst so many people!
    Oh and thank you very much for your comment--I think it is quite true that I am rather an old-fashioned sort of shy girl, I feel much more at home in a Jane Austen novel than most modern stories...

  2. oh I hate somethign like this...
    I like yout blog :)

  3. Yep clotheshorse you're right, although conversely in an empty shop I feel kind of disconcerted

    Thannks lara

  4. If a store is too crowded, I won't set foot in it.

    I never got to Primark when I was in London. Maybe next time. I'll know what to expect if I do go there!