Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Yeah Right

I have been telling myself for a while now that the reason I don't exercise very much is because I have insufficient sportswear.

Whilst the clever part of me knows that my dislike of swimming probably stems all sorts of psychological reasons (blindness in the water without glasses or contact lenses, horribly horrible swimming coaches when I was younger and inherent laziness) I also insist that if I had a nice swimming costume I'd be down to the pool in no time. A perfectly valid reason right now, because I don't actually have a swimming costume or bikini at all having got rid of my old ones which don't fit. But even when I did, a couple of years back (yes I haven't swum in that long) there was always another excuse... my favourite being that 'I just washed my hair yesterday!'

And I had totally convinced myself that the delay in my resolution to start running was that I have no nice tracksuit bottoms or sports tops. God forbid I wear my school PE kit or borrow some sportswear from my mother! A couple of weeks ago I went for a (super-brisk) walk in combats and an old t-shirt. Guess what?! My legs went fine.

So basically, I'm lazy. But part of me is still convinced that the perfect retro Marilyn Monroe style swim-suit will turn me into an underwater goddess.

If only I could find one.. any suggestions?


  1. Have you seen the options at Urban Outfitters? They have a number of vintage inspired looks and pieces.

  2. I'll be completely useless here and say that I saw a huge post on these types of cossies, and I can't remember where. I'll look out for it, and report back if I find it. In the meantime, UO would be a good choice.

  3. I think it's daddylikey right?

    I just looked on the UO site and damn there are some GAWJUS swimsuits, but do they ship to the UK?

    Added complication: need underwire

  4. yes on daddy likey...esther williams swimsuits
    they're online and really awesome

  5. yeah, I was going to send you to Winona of daddy likey's post too!

    If you ever need something from the US online, lemme know and maybe I could have it shipped to me and then ship it to you. hope that doesn't sound weird, I wouldn't scam you!

  6. Pamcasso that's lovely - I just commented you about it!

  7. of course nobody can pull this off quite like marilyn, but i'm definitely feeling the vintage-esque one-pieces.